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i don’t even ship it but this is too cute

That last frame: he is truly Tony’s son

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cute story: I have a friend with a prosthetic arm, and he once confided in me that, after seeing this movie, he’s always wanted someone to ask him for this. Then, the one day, I was at the grocery store with him and a couple other people, and one of our friends couldn’t reach a box on the shelf and asked him, “Dude gimme a hand here”. And, I swear to christ he practiced this because the speed at which he slipped off his prosthesis was blinding, and then he hurled his arm at her. He, unfortunately, got a tad overexcited, and instead of it just landing near her, it spun out and essentially bitchslapped her in mid-air.
Now we say it all the time around him, and he blames Disney for the fact that he has no girlfriend.

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That’s not Tarzan’s pet, though… That’s his family. HE WAS RAISED BY THE APES.

technically tarzan was the pet

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i made this for myself (asked help from facebook friends) but i think maybe it will help someone else too 





Fun Fact: None of the actors but Gene Wilder knew that the tunnel scene was coming. Like, they had the lines and stuff, but they thought it was just a boat ride. And when the lights came on and he started singing their terror was real

This happened a lot throughout the movie. Which is one of the reasons it’s such a great film. The directors did the same thing when they all saw the inside of the Factory for the first time. They wanted to show the face of pure imagination. To capture it all.

Same thing with the scene where he comes out of the factory to greet them.  None of them had gotten to meet Gene beforehand, so when he came out all hobbled on the cane and they had these confused looks on their faces and look actually concerned when he starts to tumble forward?  That’s all legit.  This whole movie was successful because it fucked with everyone who wasn’t Gene Wilder.

You guys know the sad Charlie reaction pic I use so much? That’s another ad lib scene. In rehearsals, gene was a lot calmer, but when they were actually filming he exploded on Peter ostrum (Charlie). That sad expression is genuine. And tht’s what it’s basically my favorite reaction picture ever.

The reason he came out limping and then rolled forward was so that from that point forward nobody could tell if he was lying or telling the truth.

literally none of this movie was scripted they just found a group of people and had them improvise an entire movie as cameras were rolling gene wilder doesn’t even exist you’re still dreaming 

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Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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Don’t argue convenience…cats are more likely to make poops outside the litter box if you declaw them - the litter hurts their paws! 

Also, one thing that wasn’t mentioned in the comic is that declawing can actually throw off a cat’s sense of balance since cats normally walk on the fronts of their feet.


To make sure that our kitties are happy and well looked after :)

When I had a cat, I always clipped his nails. Why would you remove a cat’s claws? T_T

Some owners do it because they’re afraid of cats clawing up furniture…

But seeing the bad side effects it can have on a cats happiness and how it hurts them and make other cats be mean to them too it’s important for people to know about alternatives that are better for cats for sure <3

Do not de-claw kitties

Get them scratching posts and keep their little kitty claws filed instead :)






Tainted Love played on 13 floppy drives and a hard drive.

That is all.

this took me 4 seconds to reblog

Someone literally took one of the scariest sounds in the world and made it pretty.

Do kids now and days even know the meaning behind this terrifying sound?  They weren’t even alive for floppy discs.





What happens when two baroque cellists perform a cover of “Thunderstruck" by AC/DC? They shred. Literally. Keep an eye on their bows as the piece progresses.

This awesome video features Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, aka 2Cellos, playing their phenomenal “BaRock style” arrangement of the hard rock classic for a completely bewildered 17th century audience. The concept is wonderful, but the actual performance is astonishing.

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ok that was seriously badass. PLAY, CROATIAN BEAUTIES, PLAY WHILE I SHIP YOU.

i love the way the sound changes as the bows gradually disintegrate, too.